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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 5, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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wusa 9 news in hd is cb brought to you by verizon fios. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." this is 9news now. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday. an alexandria grandmother says tonight she is still in danger of losing her home to foreclosure even though the washington redskins are backing off the $66,000 judgment they won over her. 72-year-old pat hill had that's tickets for more than 45 years but when the recession hammered her business she couldn't make the yearly payments. she talked to our gary neurenberg tonight. >> reporter: bruce, only redskins fanatic pat hill to allow us to start a story about football by quoting elizabeth browning. how do i love thee, let count the ways.
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>> one, two, three. >> i got redskins jacket. i hathat made. four, five, six, seven. i've got redskins everywhere. you don't know how many redskins i got. >> reporter: she has been going to games since 1961. signed a contract to buy season tickets for 10 years. >> i thought i would go for the rest of my life. and when i signed the last one i had absolutely no inkling that i wouldn't have money. i did it all in good faith. >> reporter: she is in real estate. hammered by the recession. >> i can't get loans for the people who want to buy houses. so i don't have any money. so i couldn't pay. >> reporter: after getting a foreclosure notice on the alexandria home where she has lived since 1975, she got word from her beloved redskins. >> they sued me for $66,000. >> reporter: the team won the
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lawsuit. >> the lord says that if we owe money we should pay. we should not try to get out of it. i wasn't trying to get out of anything. but now i have no money, i can't pay. >> reporter: after the washington post told her story hill says the team agreed to vacate the judgment against her. >> are you sure this isn't going to turn you into a giants fan? >> no, never in my whole life. >> dallas? >> no. don't like dallas at all. >> pittsburgh? >> no. i always will be a redskins fan forever and ever and ever. i love the redskins. >> good news, bad news. bad news she lost the seasons tickets. good news the real estate market may be thawing a bit, contracts on three properties and if those sales go threw it may help prevent foreclosure on her own home. >> we are wishing all the best to her. thank you, gary. skins have cut the roster down to the required 53 players tonight. lots of heartbreak for the
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players who didn't make the cut. lots of joy for those who made the team. sara here to break it down. >> both quarterbacks vying for the team's number 3 spot on the depth charge had to answer the phone. chase daniels was cut and colt brennan is playing. the skins released 22 total. comfortable with them. >> i think the offensive line, defensive line, deeper in the secondary and deeper at running back. i think jason is better than he was last year. >> so will the redskins go into the season with just two quarterbacks on the roster? we will hear the plan on that. and we will hear about colt
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brennan on the lost season for him. that's ahead in sports. >> thank you. a metro wider expressing frustrations tonight over the closure of three stations. ronald reagan international airport and two others closed for trk acwork. metro said k riders are usually low over labor day weekend but that was didn't mean much for passengers looking for trains at the stations. >> this is ridiculous. they ought to have it open this holiday weekend. >> the system has been to screwed up over the past month or so. it is par for the course at this point. >> i will expect anything. >> just had a long flight and this is just kind of another disturbance in our plans to get home. they have made accommodations. it is just an an annoyed.
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we have got a disturbing discovery. maryland state police say they have recovered two humans from a river. police believe they have also found what part be part of an arm. the latest now from pasadena. >> reporter: detectives bagged the body parts they pulled from the waters of cocky creek which runs into the magathy river. police got a call from the homeowner who lives on the waterfront. >> found something suspicious along the beach in front of his home and county police responded and found what appeared to be a human foot. >> reporter: that's when a major search of the waters began. helicopters. cadaver dogs brought in to search for more body parts. william saw all the police activity in his neighborhood. at first he didn't think anything of it. >> and then i was on my dock and i looked down in the water
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and it looked like a piece of meat so i walked up to the police and reported what i had seen and they walked down to my driveway back to my dock and it turned out that it was a severed foot that the toes had been cut off and you could just see that they had been cut off somewhere around the ankle. >> reporter: the foot had been in the water long enough for crabs to be eating at it. another body part turned up, this time what police believe to be a wrist. but the detectives cautioned they haven't ruled out the possibility that the parts could be from an animal like a bear. taxidermists often skin and cut off bear feet and claws. they say it wouldn't be the first time they found improperly improperly. students, family and
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friends remember a slain teacher and artist. ♪[ music ] >> the woman was shot and killed at an apartment complex in northwest washington as he celebrated his teaching job at a new charter school. he was a graduate of duke ellington school of the arts and award winning painter. today he was remembered in a special memorial service. police are still looking for a motive and suspect in this sleighing. firefighters slaying. flames are burned close to 24 t.v. towers. officials say tonight the fire is moving east into a large wilderness area away from residents. >> trying to tie in from the road itself trying to find a
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nice way to get in there an slow this fire progression. investigators are still looking for the arsonist responsible for igniting the wildfire. five people are dead tonight after their small plane crashed into heavy fog. the piper aircraft was on its way from tulsa, oklahoma, to dallas when it crashed in a tulsa park. investigators say the plane may have hit a wire from a communications tire. witnesses describe a fiery crash. >> we were out here and all of a sudden we heard this -- like an airplane was going to crash. and dan and i started to get back and then all of a sudden a big fire ball hit and we started taking off and of it just a huge wreck. >> no one on the ground was injured. federal safety investigators are tonight trying to determine exactly what caused that plane to go down. you have permission to walk to the store. but a 14-year-old indiana girl
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decided to take her mom's car instead now the teenager is in trouble with the police. she crashed the vehicle into an convenience store and it was all caught on tape. >> driving is a privilege, it is not a right. we are fortunate and very thankful that no one was injured. >> charges are pending tonight against that young driver. we have got a program note. due to u.s. tennis coverage our weekend programming schedule has changed for tomorrow morning. defense news will now air at 8:00 a.m. on sunday. 8:30 is the mcglaughlin group. working to save to working to hundreds of dogs and cats this weekend. we will have that story when we come back. (announcer) if you think all batteries are the same, consider this:
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volunteers are working to get hundreds of dogs an cats
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out of georgia before they are euthanized. volunteers are bringing them to the northeast and some are arriving here. surae chinn the story. >> reporter: the cargo arrived this afternoon at manassas regional airport after a 3.5 hour flight. excited, talkative. >> they are not really awake. >> reporter: and exhausted. but alive. >> it is all right, mommy. they are right here. >> reporter: they are waiting for them. chris with commonwealth cat rescue in oakton. today not taking out cats but abbey and her seven pups. >> this is what it is all about. saving lives. >> reporter: five of abbey's puppies died before they can be rescued. >> it is a great feeling. you can't beat it. >> reporter: ted operates cloud 9 rescue flights and takes these four-legged friends to other shelters in the northeast to find them a forever home. >> they seem to figure out that something good is happening and that they know -- they seem to be able to figure out that
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these flights are something really good for them. >> the shorter we make the journey the less stress and the better the survival rate. >> reporter: these animals have been given up for various reasons. abbey was found on the streets in atlanta. for every abbey there are thousands more who will not be saved but abbey's angels say they will keep giving as many animals a second chance at life as long as they can. in manassas, surae chinn, 9news now and >> the dogs and cats will be up for adoption sometime next week. call it a sign of the times. fans arriving at a high school football game in charlotte, north carolina, were greeted with hand sanitizer instead of programs. the students came up with the idea as a way of helping fight germs to avoid the spread of the h1n1 virus. fans got a squirt of sanitizer at the gate as they headed in to last night's game. >> i think it is a great idea. >> appreciate the kids taking the initiative. i think that that is a
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wonderful thing. >> h1n1 for none. at health experts are worrying hevi t1n1 thrus co1nd ulbe prevalent among children. they are urging schools across the country to come up with a plan to protect students from the spread of the virus. looking for a cool down for the rest of the labor day weekend. tony pann is up next with your forecast. walmart checks other stores' prices
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hundreds of people took advantage of today's beautiful weather to listen to free live music performances. 21st annual dc blues festival is wrapping up on 16th street in rock creek park. eddie turner, eugene bridges among the performers today. >> good stuff. >> heard them as i drove by. >> bet there were a lot of people out there. fine weather for that. got a little warmer than yesterday. we hit the mid-80s. but it didn't feel that bad
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because the humidity was low. so it was a great day. temperatures going to go down a little bit as we head toward the holiday on monday but certainly nothing unusual for this time of year. 3-day trend first. tomorrow still up around 84, 85. but by the time we get to monday we will chop off a couple degrees because we are setting up an east wind and an east wind will create more clouds and the temperature will go down. still will day dry. could be a different story at the beaches. i'll show you why a second. clear to partly cloudy skies tonight. upper 50s in b@the -- in the suburbs. tomorrow partly sunny. high temperatures between 81 and 86 and east-northeast wind at 10. sunrise at 6:42 a.m. national airport with a comfortable dew point of 59 producing relative humidity of 64%. could be a little bit of fog developing in a couple of places especially near the water and in the valleys out in
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the mountains but generally a nice night. 66 in culpeper right now. 64 in winchester. little bit of cloud cover out there tonight. high, thin, wispy clouds coming across the area especially in the southern suburbs because some showers actually developed down in central virginia and back into the mountains around charlottesville. those will dissipate in the next couple of hours and stay south of us. we will remain with a dry forecast i think for the next 24 hours. big area of high pressure building here in the great lakes. it will slide into new england. and now that will do a couple of things. it will keep us dry but it is also going to set up a low level east wind sunday and monday and the longer we have an east wind the more moisture piles in off the ocean, the more clouds we get and temperatures will go down. there may be rain showers but mostly confined to the eastern shore and back over towards the beaches. quick look at the tropics before we get to the seven-day forecast. remnants of erica bringing
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heavy rain toport creek. to puerto rico. 7-day forecast looking like this. going into the holiday dry, little cooler. temperatures hanging around 80. pattern changes mid-week temperature going down further and chance for rain going up. scattered showers i think thursday, friday and saturday with highs in the 70s. but overall, very nice holiday weekend. >> what we like to hear. thank you, tony. >> all right. volunteers in the washington area today took part in what they are calling a day of dignity. the community for creative nonviolence in north west washington corrected sheets, towels and blankets for the homeless. the 8-year-old day of dignity is part of a community service effort sponsored by the islamic
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relief u.s.a. it takes place in some 19 cities around the country during ramadan. there are some guys the obvious cuts except the last couple then a few tough decisions to make. college football debuting saturday. maryland men have their hands full right now. can they beat cal two years in a row? colt brennan speaking out on the injury that is going to cost him his season. those stories are all ahead. gí ♪
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turning the corner and into football season now. >> i told you guys that. we have lots of stuff to talk about. we got to get to it. colt brennan was asked many times this preseason why he wasn't competing well enough to be the team's backup quarterback and what the 26- year-old didn't tell us he shouldn't have been competing at all. colt brennan pushed through the preseason despite tears in his
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hamstring. he left the preseason finale with a hamstring issue on thursday but today told me he knew something was wrong as early as the opener against baltimore. after an mri, the decision has been made to shut him down this year to let him heal despite all the scrutiny, and he never today. >> probably been disappointed all year watching guys participate knowing i want to be out there but that's life. i have had a tough road getting to where i am now and i've always had great rewards when any obstacles get in your way. >> positive attitude but even with colt brennan out the team decided to pass on the services of rookie quarterback chase daniels. the team has two quarterbacks as of right now on the roster. daniels threw 3 touchdowns, no interceptions. on his twitter page this afternoon he said the team wants hill on the practice squad if he clears waivers.
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vinny cerrato explains the qb plans. >> we will see what happens and look at other teams' rosters but we will go in with two active quarterbacks on the roster. >> i think a lot of teams are doing that this year. we will have three. randle el can finish a game as well as any other quarterback. >> bridges who was signed in the off season. and draft pick glen and williams are out. they could be on the team's practice squad, however, by tomorrow. and the third time was the charm for georgetown. marcus mason finally had no reason to shut the phone off today like he claimed he was going to do. nobody asked him to turn in his playbook. he has earned his spot on the team. congratulations. college football. season's opening saturday there are plenty of schools that like to ease into thing. scheduling any sure bet win for
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number 1 but the terps apparently like a late night challenge. one that won't end until tomorrow. >> terps didn't kick off against number 12 cal until 10:00 p.m. tonight and of it not a good start for maryland. scoreless in the 1st, making the terps pay breaking into the secondary. check out the fakeout here of maryland's nolan carolful he does it twice. sprints 73 yards for the score. 7-0 cal. it would get worse. losing the ball there on the return. cal would recover. and then two plays later they would cash that on and best again going up and over them. right now in the 2nd maryland is down 24-6. in other acc action virginia hosting william and mary of the football championship subdivision down 5 with under three to play. this time webb takes it 50 yards back the other way for the score. wahoos fall to william and mary
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26-4. navy taking on the buckeyes. up the middle for 24 yards. they go for two to tie it. but the buckeyes kick it off as brian takes it back for two points of their own putting it out of reach for navy. ohio state holds on to take it. west virginia hosting liberty. 2nd quarter. game tied at 10, garrett brown . 22 yards. getting by liberty 23-20. georgetown opening the season in patriot play losing to holy cross 20-7. catholic falls to shanandoa. while the nationals are having trouble showing life. they have so far given up 27
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runs. hosting the marlins this evening. hernandez having issues. hanley ramirez tags him again. 6-1. they would try and rally in the 7th josh bard, the double here. pete orr. another scoring. 8-4 ballgame. but in the 8th ramirez again at the plate still causing problems. that's a double. another score. nationals lose 9-5. soccer dc united on the road at dallas. penalty kick to tie it. and the veteran puts it away easily, his 7th of the year, playing to a 2-2 tie. united has 12 ties this year. another upset at the u.s. open tonight. andy roddick taking on 55th ranked john isner. john takes it 7-6 there to
11:31 pm
advance to the 4th round of the open. 6'9". should we say basketball for him. >> did he say randle el was as good as a third quarterback? >> yes. >> still nice on monday. maybe a couple more clouds but all in all a good forecast going into tuesday when everybody goes to work and school. >> thanks a lot. have a good night, everybody. see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber.
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